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For Locums

Get connected with clinics and doctors needing coverage with respect to your time, location and schedule. We know you want to work on your terms — scrolling through endless clinics on jobs boards is time consuming, especially when search results aren’t tailored to what you need.

Locumunity solves these problems by making it easy to:
  • Connect with clinics that will accommodate your hours, location and work schedule via our easy to use search tool.
  • Organize and schedule multiple jobs in one place.
  • Connect you with physicians, in addition to giving you access to billing codes and other helpful tools to make your locum experience as smooth as possible.

For Clinics

We know that Locums are hard to find.

Locumunity helps clinics by:
  • Matching you with Locums whose availability matches yours.
  • Allows you to actively search for locums in your area rather than passively waiting for applicants to respond to your job.
  • Allows you to leverage your outreach through our social media and professional network.

Locumunity aims to provide clinics with faster, better selected locums for your practice.

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Our pricing is simple!

For Locums

For Clinics / Physicians

  • $75 for a 45 day job posting includes up to 5 locum matches   Clinic Signup
  • $135 for a 90 day job posting (10% discount) includes up to 5 locum matches Clinic Signup
  • $240 for a 180 day job posting (20% discount) includes up to 5 locum matches Clinic Signup

About us

At Locumunity, our vision is to create a community that will facilitate and enable doctors and locums to connect in order to increase health care outcomes for both doctors and patients alike. Our unique approach of utilizing technology, media and e-health platforms enables doctors and locums to interact through an online community, where locums can organize their calendar, advertise their availability, as well as connect (and be connected) with doctors and clinics.

Our Team

Dr. Haneen Abu-Remaileh


As a Family physician/Maternity care Locum in the White Rock/South Surrey area, Haneen identified the need for a more centralized search tool for locums and employers to connect. This is why Locumunity was created!

Mubashshir Zakir


Mubashshir (Bash) is a highly gifted software engineer, experienced in developing applications and software solutions for the research industry. Bash constantly seeks out ways to streamline programming processes, and enhancements in the areas of sampling automation, data processing, data weighting, and now artificial intelligence. Bash holds a BSc in Computer Science from UBC.

Omar Abdolall

Head of Product Training and Development

With a Masters in Educational Technology from UBC, Omar believes in the targeted and strategic use of technology in new markets, which enables new innovative strategies be properly utilized. Now turning his focus to helping Locumunity launch, his diverse skill set will help enable product adoption, training and education of clinics, locums and doctors alike.

Leila Abdolall

Head of Recruitment Strategy

Leila works as a Human Resources Generalist, and was the one who connected the Locumunity team together. She is passionate about people, fitness and travel. When not hard at work, she can be found trekking some part of the world.

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